Essential Oils

Angie Warren // on Wellness
A few years ago I signed on with an essential oil company. I fell hard + fast for them, but the prices. Ouch. I couldn't. We couldn't. I struggled though because I've always heard they're the purest, and I didn't want to go grab any cheap oils from the local market just because, they're cheaper. Y'know?
Thankfully my good pal Tiffany introduced me to Bulk Apothecary. In fact, her post on how their family uses oils is one I reference all. the. flipping. time. You should too. Pin it and such.
We still have some products leftover from the big name companies, that we'll use up gladly, but this year, we've started ordering from Bulk Apothecary and have been insanely thrilled with their quality AND pricing.
I trust Tiffany and her husband's research on these oils, as I know they use them daily for home and business, and so you can rest assured whenever oils are mentioned here, you can click over to purchase without any pressure to join a team, or order through an affiliate link.

There. Now that that's said and done. Let me me introduce you to some of my best friends.

Angie Warren // on Wellness

The essentials of our apothecary would be:

There are a lot more we have on our shelf, but those would be the ones we use most often. I'll share some specific stories of how they've helped us and link back here to them eventually.

No, we haven't removed all of our over the counter medications, yes we still get an Rx when needed. But between oils & colloidal silver, our health & wellness has changed drastically.

If we aren't applying them directly, we're diffusing them. Or spraying them. Or slathering them. I dream of having a gorgeous antique barrister, full of oils + potions, but for now they hang out in our kitchen, in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and car too, right at hand. Which is the best place to be!