a photo scavenger hunt // sf style

Image credit: Cassidy Hornsby

Image credit: Cassidy Hornsby

Last week I took my high school photography class on an end of the year field trip into San Fransisco. They worked hard all year and deserved a fun day away, but of course I needed to have some direction. We took BART in and they divided up into two groups, boys vs. girls. Each with an adult team leader they spread out around Union Square for a two hour scavenger hunt!

I made up a list of 25 prompts, each with a points value. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect, as some of the items on the list required a lot of thought, creativity, and the ability to take photos of complete strangers.

They blew me away.

As I looked through their memory cards, I was smiling ear to ear. Seeing the city through their eyes, noticing how each student saw things in a unique way, made the entire experience worth it.

Below are a few of their images, and at the bottom of the post you will find two links to download your own PDF!

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