Drake Beach

I want the story of Drake Beach to be something we remember.

How it took over three hours to get there, but was worth every minute. I want to remember the Marin Cheese Factory, the way the wind blew blankets of sand and we had to sit in a row side by side to keep from swallowing it all.

I want to remember how he looked, standing there at the edge of the sea. The man who takes my breath away, who loves me every day, with a fierceness that knocks me off my feet. I want to remember that moment in between the perfect picture, that ended up being, the perfect, picture.

I want them to remember that childhood was magical -  with it's ice cold water and the break of waves, climbing atop steep cliffs and legs smothered in sand. I hope they remember the fun of playing catch with the ocean, the stick that kept coming back.

I want to remember the laughter of good friends, how it hurts your stomach and your face feels stuck from the sheer amount of smiling. How you can remember weddings and births, sickness and death. How you look at your people and find peace, comfort, contentment.

I want the story of Drake Beach to be all of those things and so much more. And because of this, I chose to document it.