hello + the return of blogging


In 2007 I purchased my first URL, warrenupdate.com. It was there, in that tiny WordPress space that I began what would lead me to one of the greatest pleasures of my entire life: telling stories.

I would eventually purchase I believe close to 15-20 URLs. Some never saw the light of day, some saw a lot of light, such as thecreativemama.com - so much so that I would eventually sell it (and for a hot second consider buying it back when I learned that it was no longer running, but alas nah, that ship has sailed).

I blogged long before there was Pinterest (which I love do not get me wrong), or ads that pop up so obnoxiously one can't even read the Zucchini Pizza recipe without being redirected to the App Store (don't get me started on how frustrating that is). I blogged and told stories and shared photos way before there were even genres in the blogging world.

SEO wasn't the priority, or tagging, or posting at this time of day and sharing on FB between these hours. Instagram hadn't nearly killed blogging. It was just, sharing. It was community building. Sure, the occasional comment bully, but hot topics weren't so sizzling. I feel nostalgic for that time period. I feel like it was simpler.

And because of all of that, and about 107 life events that happened which nearly broke me, I began to change things up. Over and over until I basically shut the blog down. I switched to Squarespace and felt so removed from that time I didn't even save the old blog. Thousands of words, so much of my heart, gone. I couldn't keep up with it.

So far in 2015, I have had a huge project hanging over my head that just found completion this week, and I realized I haven't sat down at my computer to work on ANYTHING but it for actual months. I haven't taken a big-camera photo of my kids in actual months. I haven't written a word blog-wise, in actual, months. Come to think of it I've barely written a thing.

But I have missed it so. I've missed coming here to tell stories. And I have decided I don't have to follow the crowd. I can bring back the old school way of blogging, if only here in my tiny corner.

So that is what I have decided to do.  Some days it might just be photos of my kids, pieces of a manuscript I'm working on, or something I feel passionate about. No genre, no label. Just, me being here in the sun-soaked corner of my bedroom, bringing what I want into this internet world.

I promise you won't be directed to a Candy Crush game. I promise you'll get real from me. I promise you'll get my heart. The entire mess of it.