we are all just hungry to be loved.

angie warren writes // www.angiewarren.com

I wrote the above words this week, as I was working on the ending of my manuscript. I bounce around a lot when I write, and still have a great chunk of middle to add in. The unexpected connection with my homeless friend, Thompson, has completely changed the direction of my memoir - in a good way.

Yes, Thompson is still "around" though he's moved up the street a bit. Each encounter I have with him, I walk away with a new truth, a new lesson. I look forward to seeing his familiar figure on the side of Main Street, and I enjoy his smile of recognition when he sees me approach. I especially love when the kids ask about him, or come up with an idea of how we can help him this week.

When I began to realize the infinite truth mentioned above, I found that no matter who we are, where we call home, or how full our lives are - we are simply all hungry for the same thing: love. And no matter how difficult our situation, regardless of what life has thrown us, we are all capable of filling another's tank. The best part of this whole thing is? When we give love, we are incapable of not feeling it ourselves.

It could be grief, financial burdens, loss of a job, or just a crappy week - filling someone else's void with love, is the best way to fill your own. I am walking, breathing, living proof of this.

Maybe your own Thompson is out there, just waiting for you.