Bippity, Boppity, Boo - Quinny Pie Turned Two.

Our sweet girl turned two a few weeks ago. Impossible to comprehend that my last baby is now truly a toddler. The two years she's been apart of our lives have both flown by and drug slowly on, it's amazing how you can feel both. Last year's party was a lot of fun (and a lot of work!) and I vowed that this year to tone it down. Which I... maybe possibly did. Probably not. Oh well. Parties are my thing. She had a great time, it's always so funny to see how they handle attention at this age. We had to urge her to finish opening her gifts. It was a great day - full of Princess Punch, pink popcorn, magic wand pretzels and sweets galore. Lots of little prince and princess friends came and helped to decorate Quinn's new castle!

Here's a glimpse into her Princess Party.