An enchanted moss covered Q - a DIY.

Yesterday, the first day of 2014, I resolved to ring it in by doing something I most enjoy and rarely make time for anymore: craft something.

My Quinn turns two this weekend and we're throwing her an enchanted princess party (insert squeal). I saw an idea I liked online but there wasn't a DIY attached so I headed to Hobby Lobby to attempt it on my own and much to my delight it was easy and not an all day project, either. So I snapped a few photos with my phone along the way.

Here's what you'll need:

  • large wooden letter (or number), this can be done with the big cardboard standouts too, I think. Here is the Q I bought, looks like it's actually cheaper to buy online!
  • hot glue gun + glue (a lot)
  • moss mat - i needed about a package and a half for my letter Q. Here is the exact kind I got. (This moss is super soft!)
  • scissors

I began by cutting the moss into strips and wrapping enough around so that it covered the sides with about an inch left on the back. Lots of hot glue so the moss wouldn't lift anywhere.

I was worried that it would show the strips, but this moss mat is VERY forgiving. I didn't even have to ruffle the moss a whole lot, just glued the pieces tightly close together and it looked great. The curves were tricky, but again, because the moss mat IS so forgiving I was able to hot glue around the edges and press it together on the back, almost like a pleat, but not.

Once I was nearing the end I found a few strange corner spaces. Here's what I did.

Just cut a rectangle, glued it right there in that corner and finished rounding the edges.

And because you should see the entire thing, here's a glimpse of the back.

The final outcome is so much cuter than I envisioned, can't wait to display it at her party, and then in the end, move it up to her room. Because every little princess deserves an enchanted-forest letter Q, don't you think?