dreaming & listing.

I shared on instagram this morning how I feel so overwhelmed with things I'd like to do. This is of course on top of things I need to do. I have an artistic spirit, and creating is one of my favorite things to do. But I'm working (right now), and have three young kids and a husband, and am cleaning up the mess my parents left, and am trying to take better care of myself, and yet at the end of the day my mind swirls with projects and ideas and dreams and adventures and ways to better take care of me.

So I've decided to get it out of my head and on paper, or um, internet. It's not a list of New Year's resolutions, no no no. Maybe more like a bucket list? Eh, I don't like that phrase. It is more a list of things I'd love to accomplish and work on and most importantly, enjoy the process I'm in while I'm swimming these waters.

In no order:

  • finish + publish my memior
  • order Nana books for my kids
  • crochet a huge throw for the family
  • shoot more of my kids
  • take on commissioned photo projects
  • shoot for a cook book
  • get a fish eye for my nikon
  • paint more
  • quit sugar
  • go to Europe with Justin
  • bring back my afternoon juicing
  • fill my mantle with Artifact Uprising books
  • fill my walls with art from my kids, friends, and those I admire
  • buy a hammack
  • take a writing retreat
  • go on a road trip when the kids are teens
  • visit napa more often
  • go to new mexico with my best friend
  • finish the outlander series

Now. Where to begin...