A Day with Monat


Today I:

- Went to the store.

- Did school with my three kiddos.

- Cleaned two bathrooms, three bedrooms, lots of floors, and a hallway.

- Switched laundry.

- Fed a lizard and a dog.

- Went to the bank, the store, and Starbucks.

- Watched a movie with my family.

- And had two separate 1:1 meetings with two of my Market Partners - one in Texas, one in Florida.

I did these meetings in my room, with my kids home. I wore sweats for one and jeans for another. We talked about kids and life, husbands and dreams. We talked about this business we said yes to, game planned, and got excited for what’s ahead.

Five months ago I very timidly said I would do this, unsure of what lay ahead. Scared. Nervous. Insecure, honestly.

I continued on during slow weeks and busier ones - I kept at it through the loss of my dad. I kept on, keeping on. And now? I get to do THIS. I get to live this life, at home with my kids, working the hours that I set. And I feel crazy blessed to do so.

I have meetings with my Market Partners turned friends where we can talk about a Monat and not. They share prayer requests with me because they know I’m already praying for them. I can educate and encourage and we can laugh and cry. And, I get paid for it.

Because I said yes.

Just feeling grateful tonight. And gratitude? It changes everything.