A Fairy Forever

ANGIE WARREN // writer

She had asked me if she could be a fairy. I quietly led her here, to this tiny, golden, patch of light.

I leaned in and whispered, "The truth is, you're already a fairy, and here, where the sun kisses the earth, is where you'll get your magic.".

She stood, still as can be, watching, looking. "How long will I be a fai-wy, mama?", her voice low and raspy. "You'll be a fairy forever, my girl." I promised her.

And then in a soft voice, reminded my small fairy to always stand in the setting sun, every chance she gets. To gather magic, of course.

Whether fairies or weary moms or hard working dads, we could all use a bit of magic every now and then. The magic of a setting sun, of fairy forests, of imagination.