Why I Stopped Selling Company Specific Designs

Angie Warren Shop - Why I stopped selling Monat specific products.

I have some shop news I've been waiting to share for some time. After a lot, a lot of prayerful and thoughtful consideration I have decided to retire my Monat specific products.

I've cried quite a few tears over it, but I'd like to share with you why.

Honesty and authenticity are pivotal to business. Being true to one's convictions is also important, and it is for these reasons I've made the decision that I don't feel comfortable continuing to create materials when I know they are against P&P.

No, no one asked me to remove them, the company hasn't contacted me, thankfully! I simply decided to dig a bit deeper on my own, to ensure I wasn't breaking any rules, and what I found has led me here.

To this choice.

Monat has very specific and strong policies and I don't want to be one to break those. As sad as I am over this, I feel it is the right and honorable thing to do and I pray you will understand as well.


Well, a few things.

1. I'm hosting a huge three-day sale on all Monat products in the shop before I pull them. They're already discounted you can go grab them right here.

2. It also means of course, I won't be creating new Monat specific resources. However, I do hope so much you'll stick around the shop, I've already begun to fill it with some exciting NEW items to help you do boss babe business well. And a ton more to come.

There are Instagram Story templates, Letter Board stock photos (even a hair specific one, see that here). There are some newly formatted planners, and even Pinterest templates for your blog headers. I have endless ideas for new items coming soon, and I do hope so much you'll find they bless your businesses as well.

3. The final bit of news for you is regarding file updates. I sent out a recent round of them to have you all up to date, but unfortunately, I don't have the capacity to continue to send updates for eternity on files I'm no longer selling. Thank you for your grace and understanding on this.

Of course, you are welcome to continue to use the items you've purchased and I hope so very much they continue to be a great help as you build your shampoo business!

Thank you. For your kind kind kind words, thank you for helping me fulfill a long time dream of opening my own design shop, as well as generally cheering me on as I side hustle me way all over the place. Your support means a lot.

Any questions? I'm more than happy to answer.

Don't forget! July 2 is the last day the products will be in the shop. Until then, grab anything Monat related you'd like for 50% off! Here's the link.


A Free PDF, The Daily Do - Organize Your Bad Self

Introducing: The Daily Do. It's a sweet little best friend for your business. These planning pages were born out of my desire to be on top of my work day (and let’s be real, a sheer lack of organization)! Juggling multiple businesses is only possible when I am working ahead of the game.

We all need a good system in place - whether we are writing a book, a blog, own an Etsy shop, or sell products for a living (ahem, speaking to myself here - obvi.). What I found worked best for me was working in blocks, but not just blocks, I work better having specific areas I can toss my to-do items.

Included in this FREE download: Daily Do planning sheet for each day of the week, one for weekends, and one left blank.


Each section is for the basics of my day as I juggle all the hats. Here’s how it usually looks for me, it could be similar for you, or different - make it work however you’d like!

ADMIN - This is for daily email checking, updating my sales spreadsheet, checking other messages, etc.

CREATE - Here is where I list what design projects I’m currently working on for my shop. Maybe it means making a new Guide, a lead magnet, a promo graphic, or IG story.

SERVE - Nurturing those who graciously purchase from me, follow me, or are a part of my team is so important. Some days this looks like spending 15 minutes in a FB group or reaching out to someone to see how they’re doing. It always means taking small blocks of time to reply to comments and engage with friends and followers.  

UPDATE - This is for me usually in reference to updates to the digital products in my shop. It could mean any number of updating you need to do! 

WRITE  - I have a lot of writing to do! Aside from the book I’m working on, I have blogs to draft, newsletters to pen, posts to plan, etc.

I fill out the next day's page at the end of my current work day. It keeps me on track, allows for rollover, and is easy to toss in my laptop bag when I take work to-go.

Print them ahead weekly, or grab the blank one and stick that bad boy in a page protector for use with a dry erase marker. However you choose to use them, I hope they bless your business as they have mine.



So glad you asked! I'd love for this to be a blessing to your small business. Click the button below to grab your freebie.