Colloidal Silver Spray

Angie Warren // Wellness + Colloidal Silver

We love Colloidal Silver. If you want a run down of what Silver is and how we came to find it, head over to the original post!

Sovereign makes a variety of Silver products, but so far we've just used the plain ole bottles of silver. We always ordered exclusively from Amazon. But, I've since found it at our local health & wellness store for the same price as Prime, so unless that price changes, we'll likely just go grab it from there.

I always wanted to try their spray and first aid gel - then one day I hopped into that local health & wellness store to check the ingredients and it hit me, duh, I'll just make my own spray! So I did. (Seriously Angie, think about it)

And it came in handy soon after when Quinny broke out in a rash. She laughed as I sprayed her down, but not long after, the rash disappeared. I'm laughing that it took two years for me to put two and two together, but am glad to have this now for cuts and burns, and other skin issues that arise!

Curious where we get our glass bottles and such? Click here for the post all about what we keep in stock!