What is Dry Brushing and Why Do It (bonus tips, too!)

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Earlier this year we were able to have our eyes looked at by our amazing Iridologist (lots more on this soon). One of the biggest takeaways for me was what she saw regarding my lymphatic system. It doesn’t drain well, which can lead to a laundry list of concerns, namely one of my biggest fears since losing my mom: cancer.

I began to research and study the lymphatic system and was surprised by what I found, but as always, knowledge is power. Dry Brushing kept popping up as a way to stimulate the lymph to move, so I ordered a set of brushes and haven’t looked back.

What is and Why Dry Brush?

According to Dr. Mercola, “Dry skin brushing promotes lymphatic drainage of toxic waste, which results in many other benefits such as improved immunity, refreshed skin, and reduction of cellulite.”

Our skin is our largest organ, (the one responsible for elimination) after all, and so often overlooked in the care of our bodies. Skin plays a massive role in detoxifying the body and when unable to do so properly, waste can not be removed, and we become sick.

When we Dry Brush, our lymph is woken up, and better able to release toxins and waste. It’s known to reduce cellulite, energize you in the morning, improve circulation, and most importantly, eliminate toxic waste.. All good stuff.



How to Dry Brush

First, be sure your brush is made of natural materials - this is super important. Mine is made of Boar bristles. Dry Brushing shouldn’t hurt, you’ll feel it, yes, but you shouldn’t wince with every brush. I made the mistake of getting my first brush at Target and thought “How on earth do people do this every day, ouch!”. Thankfully I did my research, and ended up with this set, which I love (the long handle option is amazing for my back).

  1. Always brush towards your heart, and begin at your feet. I like doing short bursts, not too much pressure, remember, this isn’t supposed to cause pain.

  2. I begin with the bottoms of my feet, moving to the tops, and up both legs. Especially concentrating on my thighs (go away cellulite, go).

  3. Next I do my tummy, and sides (small circles on belly) and moving up to my breasts (super, super important in allowing lymph movement to avoid breast cancer - also remember to be gentle here due to sensitive skin).

  4. Then, my arms/hands. Going from finger tips and “down” towards my heart, including armpits (again, important).

  5. I move onto my back and butt now, that long handle attachment is super handy here, and man it feels so good on my back!

  6. I love the Kit I got, as it includes a softer face brush, I use this on my neck and face (softer brushing here).

  7. That’s it! I like to shower after to wash off all the brushed skin (alternating hot and cold water helps improve circulation as well!).

I also like Hello Glow’s video if you need a little visual!

Dry Brushing / www.angiewarren.com

What Then

After my shower, I like to massage various essential oils onto my skin in combination with a high quality, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil (I like this one). A few fave combos:

  • Grapefruit + Cypress

    Grapefruit (one of my top fave oils ever) is a powerhouse known to improve cellulite by tightening the skin + Cypress is known to increase circulation and tone the skin!

  • Rosemary + Cedarwood

    Rosemary is one of those great for moving lymph and improving circulation + Cedarwood maintains the appearance of healthy, youthful skin.

  • Lemon + Cypress

    Lemon helps reduce the appearance of aging + Cypress is known to increase circulation and tone the skin!

(Keep in mind that citrus oils are photosensitive, so be sure to avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after topical application.)

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