we said farewell to summer.

We said farewell to summer. Surrounded by good friends, homemade cookies, and kids. I found myself time traveling, back to a time I did just this. This soft and comfy space in childhood where you have little fear or worry.

Life was safe and time stood still, at least, for me it did. Summer nights drift along akin to molasses leaving a jar. I stood aside for a time, watching and listening. My babies cozied up in the truck, enjoying their first drive-in movie. The electricity was alive, their excitement and wonder palpable. I smiled.

Simple things, we did a lot of simple things this summer. Hard to believe it has come to a close. We went out in style though, said farewell and prepared for fall. Let our fingers slip from the grips of this season as we pass into the next.

It was a good one, this summer.