Five Tools That Help Me Write

Five Tools That Help Me Write //

I've been writing, a lot, lately. The new year landed the idea in my lap to revisit the memoir, and after a lot of thought + prayer, I've committed to really finishing it. I've been busy goal-setting and writing and dreaming big!

Today on my Periscope (@angiewarren), I shared these 5 tools I use in writing/blogging, but the replay wasn't saved, so I thought I'd pop on and list them out here for those of you who missed it!

These five things (plus a bonus!) keep me sane and help tremendously when I sit down to get words to page.


Am I the only one who needs music to write? The majority of my writing these days are musings of motherhood, and the obvious: my memoir. Both of which require 99% instrumental. I can't really do words, with just a few exceptions. I really connect with sounds, so my jam for writing comes from my ever evolving Writing Playlist on Spotify. I'm adding to it daily, but they're basically a collection of some of my favorite pieces for the current season of writing I'm in.

Feel free to listen too! CLICK HERE to go to my playlist.


So, when I'm putting down 3k words, sometimes I need a bit of help. Okay, even if it's just a blog post, I need help. I'm obsessed with the Power Thesaurus app. Like, I use it every day. It's sort of a crutch. Man am I glad for it.

Download it for Apple HERE. Download it for Android HERE.


This app I use for a multitude of things. It's like the sister to my Voice Memo Recorder feature. Originally my friend Tracy urged me to get it for documenting the cute things my kids say. Which I do, and love it for that. But I also love it for jotting quick thoughts down when I get an idea for a blog post or part in my book.

Sorry, it's only available for Apple. Download yours HERE.


I love Pinterest, who doesn't? There are a handful of bloggers/writers I follow, and I find myself easily spending an hour just on their writing tips boards! So I created my own, and have been slowly adding to it. There is a bit of something there for every aspect of blogging/book writing/proposal creating/agent finding, etc.

You can check out my Writing Board, HERE!


Connecting with other writers is HUGE. I have a handful of trusted friends, most of which who write, that graciously read what I'm working on, or simply allow me to bounce ideas off of them. I'm so grateful for this. Community is huge.

I found Compel last fall and signed on pretty quickly. It's basically a monthly membership community FILLED TO THE BRIM with insight, interviews, audios, downloads, worksheets, and more. I haven't even had the chance to take in all of the content, but I do when I can! I've especially loved the private FB group I was placed in. There are a lot of them through Compel, keeping the numbers somewhat low, so you feel cozy and are able to really get involved. We offer critique and submit pieces for our peers to critique as well. It's been a great asset in my journey!

Click HERE to go to the Compel site, there's even a free e-book if you scroll to the bottom!


Dropbox saves. my. life. It holds not only documents and files, but photos, and so much more. When it comes to writing, I use Dropbox in the obvious way: sharing files. When I get a piece written, often times I'll upload it there and share with a select few.

The other thing I love about Dropbox is holding audio files. I like to download some interviews and features from Compel, and save them to my Dropbox to listen to on long drives or the rare occasion I'm alone in the house!

Any tools you particularly enjoy in your blogging/writing? I'm always looking for something new! Hope you'll share.