Freaking Flu

Angie Warren // Wellness

I don't handle germs well. It's actually cause for major anxiety in my life. Like, major.

During a field trip to the zoo, Luke suddenly, wilted. As in, he didn't even want to walk with his friends anymore. I got that sinking feeling, that, ugh, he's sick feeling. Luke is the child that, if someone's going to get sick, it's him. Poor love. Not sure why, he's just that kid. Does your family have one of those?

Left the zoo early, he got increasingly warmer, legs aching, tummy feeling lousy. Just an over all mess.

So I got to work on gathering the supplies. Lysol'd the entire house (in hopes that God will have mercy on my intentions and spare everyone else, verdict is still out, but so far, everyone is good) ETA: it spread to one, only one! Praise Jesus! The only supply not pictured above is good ole Apple Cider Vinegar. Love that stuff. Gah.

His fever spiked at 104.5 that first night, which, scares the crap out of me, but at the end of day two, and my endless applications of potions + remedies, baths, wet clothes, pushing water, he started begging for fish. Yes, he wanted to eat fish. He's such a character. Today on day three, he's bouncing around, a bit congested still, but fever free and happy as a clam. Praise Jesus!

Here's what we did:

  • MOTRIN. Of course. I find it works so much better than Tylenol, for all of us, but have to be sure to have food in the belly. It's a bit harsher than Tylenol.
  • SILVER. Colloidal Silver is our go-to. For everyone. I did four doses of half teaspoon for Luke, and three doses of half teaspoon as preventative for the other kids. I'll do it for a few days to be safe. Read more about Silver here.
  • ACV. Apple Cider Vinegar is like, magic. Whenever the kids are fevered I bathe them in a bath with ACV, or put it directly on a cold cloth for their heads. My friend Carlie mentioned to me that she soaks socks in ACV and water, then puts them on her kids. It pulls the fever! I've had it bring the fever down quickly, and work well, and then sometimes not as quickly. But I'm thankful for it none the less.
  • ZARBEES. These Elderberry Immune Support gummies are so far, the only way I can get the kids to take Elderberry. I know some moms will say there's sugar or other stuff in these, but if it's howthey'll take it, I'll take it! We grab ours at Target, but you can also find them here. Or, grab the adult version here.
  • OSCILLOCOCCINUM. That's a mouth-full! This homeopathic remedy is easy for any of us to take (safe for ages 2+), because the pellets dissolve and don't have a flavor really. This is the first time I've ever tried them with the kids, I'd like to think it helped with the severity of this bug!
  • PEPPERMINT OIL. I have to really, really dilute this as it's a super hot oil. I do one drop peppermint to 1 teaspoon carrier (fractionated coconut oil for us). Rubbing this along the spine for bringing down fever and on the belly for tummy aches works wonders. We get our oils from Bulk Apothecary.
  • OREGANO OIL. Oregano oil is probably my least favorite when it comes to smell, but it's incredibly powerful. It's one of nature's greatest anti-viral, anti-bacterial components and so again, very diluted, I apply this to their feet 4-5 times per day. We get our oils from Bulk Apothecary.
  • LAVENDER OIL. It goes without saying, lavender is calming and soothing. Luke requested some on his hands, to inhale. I think it just helps in relaxing them as they rest. We get our oils from Bulk Apothecary.
  • FRANKINCENSE OIL. Frank is known as the gold of oils. In itself it has really great immunity boosting properties, but I like to add a drop of it to, well, every oil, as it gives a boost of power to whatever I'm using. We get our oils from Bulk Apothecary.

I don't always have all of these on hand, and thankfully, since we started using Colloidal Silver we have had such better health - even in the winter season. Not a bad idea to keep the supplies on hand though!

Flu be gone!