Fruit + Veggie Wash Naturally

Natural Fruit + Veggie Cleaner /

A few years ago I shared my easy go-to for cleaning fresh fruits, I’ve since taken it a step further and wanted to give you an update. The method in my previous post about this still works fine, but I heard really good things about the Thieves Fruit + Veggie Soak, so I added it to my monthly wellness box and am really pleased.

The sheer number of oils included in this natural cleaner blew me away. Essentially it’s made up of Young Living’s very own DiGize, Purification, and Thieves blends. But what exactly does that mean? Here is a breakdown of every oil in this powerhouse, super concentrated, 16oz jug:

  • Tarragon oil

  • Ginger root oil

  • Peppermint oil

  • Juniperus osteosperma oil

  • Fennel oil

  • Lemongrass oil

  • Clove bud oil

  • Rosemary leaf oil

  • Citronella oil

  • Anise seed oil

  • Lemon peel oil

  • Patchouli oil

  • Cinnamon bark oil

  • Tea tree leaf oil

  • Lavandin oil

  • Eucalyptus radiata oil

  • Tunisian Myrtle oil

  • Moroccan Myrtle oil


I mean, that’s a flipping whole lot of gorgeous essential oils, to naturally remove build up, dirt, and who on earth knows what is on our produce these days, for as low as $19.75 (wholesale, retail price is $25.99). Incredibly, that breaks down to just .62c PER USE.

Natural Fruit + Veggie Cleaner /

Just look, at that, water. This was after soaking a carton of strawberries from the store. I couldn’t believe how much ick came off of them.

How to Use:

I toss about 1/2 ounce (or 1T) for every bowl (roughly half gallon) of water. Completely cover produce and soak (I give it a little stir) for 1–2 minutes. Then, I rinse with clean water in my strainer. It’s completely tasteless, and I trust that I’m not giving my family fresh fruits and veggies with a side of garbage.

Natural Fruit + Veggie Spray for On the Go /

Take it on the go!

I also added this little gem to my wellness box, so when we are out, I can quickly wash any produce we might pick up. It’s a little 2oz Fruit + Veggie Spray and fits perfectly in my purse! Simply spray, rub for about 30 seconds, and rinse. Easy as can be.


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