Go in October

Angie Warren

Tomorrow the kids & I board a plane headed east. We go each summer, but this time, something in me said "go in October".

Now that the trip is just around the bend, and I'm filled with mounting emotions, but I'll say without a shadow of a doubt, that nothing is coincidental. It's all a part of a master plan.

And regardless of my hesitancy, I know something is waiting for me in those woods. Something I need. May it be healing, forgiveness, closure. I'm not sure and I won't know until I'm there, feet crunching leaves, the smell of campfire in my hair, my grandma's coffee in my hands.

I'll be sure to share, if not here, in the final words of my book. Yeah, I have a feeling it will be there. No turning back. Time to fly.

Here we go!