Hello 2017 + My Word

Angie Warren

Hello there, 2017!

I've been reflecting a lot on the year past, and thinking about what I'd like to accomplish in the months ahead. 2016 brought great joy, something I had long wondered if I would feel again.

Grief had me in a dark space for quite some time, as I've mentioned before, the New Year has been something I wanted simply to part with the year I was in. Not anymore.

We said goodbye to 2016 with happy hearts. My long time dream came true, and we brought our children home to educate them here, under our roof. I saw all of my siblings more than once, hugged my grandparents, watched my father play with my kids, and fell madly in love with my husband, again.

This last year is also the time I learned the art of saying no, so that I could say yes, to more. I walked away from a few wonderful projects, good freelance work, and a job I held dear, to tip-toe into the world of, Angie Warren, writer.

Unexpectedly, last February, I wrote a little post here on Facebook, about my sweet Quinn and a potty accident. I did what I've always done, shared my heart, raw and open. It went viral, reaching according to Facebook, over 9 million people. I've been writing about motherhood publicly since 2008, but that was the first time I was seen on such a level.

That post brought so many wonderful new friends here, and I'm so grateful for you. I'm thankful that I can come here to this space, vulnerably, and reflect so openly. So, thank you for the community, for the encouragement, and for walking along side me as I journey out of the darkness and into the light.

QUALITY is my word for 2017. I've prayed and sat with it this week a lot, meditating on what I want it to mean for me and my family this year.

I will aim to pursue quality over quantity, in everything. In my writing, and in my relationships. Quality in the words I speak and when I am spending time with my people, may I give them quality time + attention. Quality in what I choose to bring into my home and into my life (and body).

My goals + dreams for the year are varied, but simple. I want my people to feel loved as if tomorrow won't come. I hope my actions reflect the faith that is so precious to me. And lastly, I pray that this is the year, I take my writing even further.

After all, it's in His hands. I'll do my part, but I trust the One who gave me the words.

Happy New Year, friends! May it be blessed and full of all the greatest of things.