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I've been chatting on my Instagram a lot lately about wellness, specifically about how I've started using hemp oil. I also wrote it here. Authenticity and openness are things I've always prided myself on, sharing the many ups and downs life has brought my way, and this is no exception.

Just this week I shared a lot in my stories about why I sought out hemp oil, how it's helped, and why I chose the company I chose. Buttttttt, it was a lot of stories, and I believe there's power in the written word (also for ease of coming back to), so I've decided to share a condensed version here on the blog. If you'd like to check out the stories on this topic, head to my Instagram and check out the highlights titled Hemp!


Let's start off with a little lesson. A common misconception is that Hemp is the same thing as Marijuana, that if you're using Hemp you're getting high. They're not. They are in the same family, yes - as in they come from the Cannabis plant, but there are some distinct differences.

  • MARIJUANA contains high amounts of THC - this is what gives you the feeling of being "high".
  • HEMP contains trace amounts of THC, therefore you don't experience the "high" but get all the benefits of the CBD. The brand of Hemp I use is well below the federal THC limit of .3%. After multiple drug screens from his employer, my good friend Tristian's husband has never been tested positive and Hemp is a part of his daily routine (I know this is a concern for many who have required testing through work).
Hemp / CBD vs Marijuana - Prime My Body (

Hemp Oil (also known as CBD) has so very many benefits, I believe there are more than 250 different ways it can support the entire body. Initially, I sought it out to bring balance to my nervous system - which has been pretty much shot since dealing with anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and general emotional upheaval. What I didn't realize were all the many things it would be doing "behind the scenes" to help repair my cells from the inside out.

Hemp / CBD vs Marijuana - Prime My Body (


  • Better Focus + Energy
  • Brings Calm, Helping Sleep
  • Soothes Tension
  • Reduces Saddness
  • Balances Feelings of Anxiety
  • Supports Joint + Cartilage Function
  • Disease Prevention
  • Better Overall Health
  • Homeostasis
  • and sooooooo many more things

Let's chat quick about this one: Homeostasis. One of the biggest things Hemp is known for is bringing the body to a place of Homeostasis. It's in this state that our bodies work their best, fighting off disease and ensuring a proper environment for living our best lives. In the Greek language the word Homeostasis breaks down to: HOMEO = similar and STASIS = stable. So putting our bodies into a stable environment, without being in constant fight or flight, balancing the wild upheaval of disease and inflammation and so on, really should be a goal for everyone.

Have you used Hemp, how has it helped you? I'd love to hear more from you!

Next up in the series Hemp Helps, I chat about why I chose the company I chose, and what makes one brand different than another. Check it out!