It's All Worth It (Monat)

It's All Worth It - Monat -

I’m in Texas this week visiting my sister and reflecting a lot on what this business has meant to me and to our family.

The fact that I’m here - enjoying the first relaxing, non-death related trip in years while working my Monat business and updating my Etsy shop? Super awesome.

I can lead my team from the comfort of my sister’s couch. I can respond to messages and phone calls and be available for my people.

Out of my comfort zone? Uh yes. Yes this was. So far out my husband had to sit me down and have a come to Jesus with me. Reminding me I CAN do anything I put my mind to.

I said “yes” and it’s been a journey. It’s been educational and informative. It’s putting us further on the path to being debt-free by the end of the year. I’ve made so many new amazing friends. I’ve grown as a person. As a leader. I’ve just plain been astounded by the blessings.

You can see this as another direct sales post where someone is making it seem like unicorns and roses - hear me, it’s work. It’s drive. It’s commitment. It takes time. But know this: it’s all so very worth it.

Just takes saying yes. Scared and all. You may not be ready. I wasn’t. And here I am.