Just Throw the Towel

Angie Warren

It was a desperate attempt to be heard, really. When I hit 'send' on the text, I knew I didn't mean it. I knew this and yet, I felt it, so deep in my gut, it was a tangible thing and it hurt to hold.

"It's just one of those days I want to throw in the towel." I admitted to my friend.

The phone, now tossed aside, began to buzz with her reply. I knew what she would say, and perhaps that's why I wrote her.

"So throw in the towel for today. It's okay, do it. Be done."


She gave me permission, didn't tell me to power through, or to buck up, no, she gave me the okay.

To say I've had enough.

To let the four year old eat cookies in the dog kennel.

To finish up math, but say history can wait for tomorrow.

To make a quick, less than healthy dinner.

To take a bath.

To skip the gym.

To put on sweats.

To be, to find quiet, to have "one of those days".

Don't we all have those days? The ones we need a girlfriend to hold us, to hold our stories, to hold our hearts? Days where we want to just toss that towel?

I'm so grateful I listened, glad I reached out, though it made me feel for the slightest moment, weak. I know though, that often times we need the nod, the reminder, the nudge to throw it in.

My friend Mothering the Divide with Kara Lawler just tonight reminded me of the goodness of self care. Of saying no to something, in order to say yes.

Our bodies need tender loving care, our hearts do as well. I hope you too have a friend who'll remind you of this, who will hold you and your story. If not, allow me to do so: care for yourself, slow down, say no in order to say yes.

You're worth it, in body AND heart.