I got contacts. They're weird.

Quinn realized she is missing her top teeth and thinks it's silly. She likes to put daddy to bed and boss him around.

Luke finally lost a tooth without swallowing it. Praises. He's reading, he's still loud and silly and we love him.

Danny is obsessed with his Wreck this Journal. It's like an activity book for almost-tween-boys. I just ran over it with my car, it was the greatest day of his life.

Justin glows when he teaches Danny the basics of hoops. It's cute.

Shadow? She ahem, recently became a woman. Oops. Let's take care of that. We've had our share of pets #becomeamama. No more.

Oh, and we love the park. And board games. And dad reading at dinner time. And weekends. And coloring. And scootering. And wrestling. And the Brandi Carlile Pandora station (me). And sleepovers. We love being together, John's 1.25c ice cream scoops, and our devices.

And guess what? Over a year has passed without my mom, and we are still here, we are surviving. We are walked each day together and doing our best. I'd even venture to say we are a happy bunch. All good, so much good.