Loving Her Toothless Smile

Angie Warren

Today she asked me in a voice quite quiet, "Mama how come you like me even though I don't have all my teeth?" and my heart sunk a bit.

My girl, your missing front teeth don't change a thing about you (besides making you impossibly cuter). I'm not sure at what point she became insecure about the teeth she lost due to a fall, I suppose age and awareness.

I took that as one of those pivotal teaching moments where I get to pour into her as much love and self confidence as I can. To build her up with the knowledge that she's good, she's wonderful, she's kind and she's enough - no matter how many teeth she has.

It's only the beginning of such conversations I'll have to navigate, but what a blessing it is to do so. What an honor, really.


Sweet girl,

I love your toothless smile, and the day that gap is filled in, you'll look a whole lot older so, lets slow down some, okay?

Love you muchly, Mama