Messy, Beautiful

Life is messy. Just like bathroom mirrors. But guess what? In the midst of mess, is *the* most incredible stuff. Beautiful stuff.

Losing my mom was messy. The grieving part of me wanted things, impulsive things. If it weren't for the gentle but firm insight of those closest to me, I wouldn't get to see the miracle of timing.

I couldn't see, in that time or even years prior, into the future. No way I'd have known the incredible things that would shower upon me in the spring of 2016.

But from this side of the mess, I can say without a doubt: His timing is perfect. It's amazing. It's awe inspiring.

This side of the mess is full of goodness and grace, and years of prayers answered and opportunities I quite literally never expected to experience.

As I step out of the comfort zone and into the future, our family, I'm anxious in the best way for what's to come, I feel giddy. Like. A kid at Christmas.

I am insanely excited to talk more about it. To share of His goodness. And I will.

For now. To encourage you, be still. Be resilient. Don't give up. Dream big. Pray hard. If you're in the mess, know it will clean up. It will shine. Again.