On Being Yourself

angie warren // motherhood

Today at lunch she asked me what it means to "be yourself".

I thought long and hard over that one. I squeezed her tight, remembering she's an old soul and her mind works in incredible ways - so I told her all about it.

"Quinny, being yourself is amazing. It means showing kindness to others, to never let someone's words harden your spirit. It means to always create, even if your idea seems silly or different. Being yourself is a gift, one you give to everyone around you and, to yourself. It's about laughing loudly, with your belly. It's about speaking your mind, about leading, about walking confidently forward no matter who is following. Being yourself means always being the Quinn I know today."

She looked away for a moment and the smiled, her face aglow. "Mama, I be myself and you be yourself, okay?"

And I was struck with a realization, these words I so easily spoke to my daughter, instructions on living fully, on never allowing someone to dim your sparkle - were words I desperately needed to tell myself.

Crazy how that happens isn't it? Life lessons at lunchtime.