Set the Ducks Free - When Things Don't Go As Planned

So that faith thing? It's hard sometimes. Even though I know God has a plan, even though I know He knows best. Man, there are days where I want to know the plan, like, now.

We got some disappointing news this weekend about our "homeschool plan". I almost laugh typing that because, we can plan and plan until the cows come home, but our plan means nothing if it isn't His plan. Amen?


So, we didn't get into the Charter we hoped for. But, we will trust and wait and have faith.

I'm finding that I'm being stretched through this all.

You see my nature, in my past experiences, I tend to dive right into a project, business, plan. I dive in and tread water and eventually, sort of, drown, because I'm so burnt out.

God isn't allowing that to happen here, and realizing that has been mind blowing. He's giving me no choice but to, be still. To wait. To trust. To take it, slow.

Taking things slow isn't my first reaction. No, not at all. But here, in this, I have no other option. Yes, the kids are still in school (five weeks, but whose counting?). We have all summer. Yet, I want to plan and prepare and have all my ducks in a nice little row.

And God is saying, "Angie, set the ducks free. This isn't a project, or a new business venture. This is bigger than any of those, I want you to do it right. Set. The Ducks. Free."

So I will. I'll let the ducks go. I'm certain that some day I'll look back on this, this, "disappointment", and I'll know there was a better way, that this route, wasn't for us. I'll be thankful.

And until then, I'll still choose thanks, and joy. Because He's brought us this far, He'll take us all the way.