Team Happy Hair - Monat With Me!

Team Happy Hair - Monat with Angie Warren

Team Happy Hair is one of my favorite things about this Monat journey. It's my own personal group of amazing + wonderful Market Partners. This group is private, top secret, and you get IN when you come along for the ride.

We're a super great group, sweet, giving, kind - you really wanna hop on the Happy Hair train. Choo.

Start your Monat journey for just $299 (get nearly $500 worth of products in that pack + be immediately invited to our group, but prepare yourself to be blown away. Warned ya.). Not too shabby.

What all can you expect when you join? Lemme tell ya:

  • access to a fun + thriving team page
  • all the education you need to start AND succeed
  • local market partner meet-ups, headshots, challenges, team building, and more
  • access to every monat related file I have made, or will make in the future (get an idea of this by clicking here, yup, all of that is yours, free, when you join with me).
  • one on one mentoring in person and/or through zoom
  • save 30% on monat products
  • earn 30% commission
  • fast start bonuses up to $1800+
  • monat paid for Cadillac
  • earn a TON of free product
  • new friends + really, really, great hair

What do you say? Click here to join me!