Thanks in the Hold-Ups.

It was chilly as I asked my oldest to snap some photos, feeling the urge to be in more pictures of our every day. We braved the store on this eve of Thanksgiving, three rowdy kids and I, to grab some last minute items.

Inside, store speakers rang out festive holiday music, you know, like the kind in Home Alone, that no matter your age, put a little pep in your step. And yeah, I did, dance a bit in the beverage aisle, while stopping every so often to smooch the neck of my delicious and oddly well-behaved little girl.

It took a while, but we finally found ourselves checking out. Chatting cheerily with the clerk about how easy this was, we made our way to the car.

Except, the keys were no where to be found. No where. Unless of course you peeked at the ignition where they snugly sat, inside our locked car.

I glanced at my kids. One of which chose a skirt, against my wishes, another confidently said "I don't NEED my jacket mom, I like being cold." - were quickly becoming Otter Pops.

There we were. Freezing cold and stuck outside our SUV, downing all the Gogurts I just bought out of sheer desperation (sarcasm is heavy here, folks), when it hit me.

The to-do list weighing on me, the park I promised them, the fact that not only do I never grocery shop (I have an amazing husband) but I certainly never take the kids.

After a quick call to a locksmith, we waited. And I took the opportunity to humble myself - standing by the huge cart of groceries I'm blessed to be able to afford, leaning against a car I'm blessed to be able to own, surrounded by children I'm blessed to be able to mother.

They shivered, but they played. We took every chance to smile at the customers that came and went, and I found myself silently thankful for the hour of stillness. It was a strange gift I didn't realize I needed.

The chance to find thanks amidst an otherwise annoying "hold up"... I'd like to think we were stuck there for a reason, perhaps something we'll never come to know.

So I encourage you fellow holiday warriors, tired mamas, busy and hard-working folks: find the thanks in your "hold ups". Take the chance to see the gift in the moments you otherwise wouldn't. It's the simple things, that show us the most grace.

Have a most wonderful, Thanksgiving week my friends. xo