The Balance of Working from Home with Monat

Working from home with Monat -

When I said yes to joining a direct sales company, it was for our family. For me. And I’ve worked very hard at a few things:

+ Being authentic, genuine, and real. I want to change the face of direct sales - if even for those in my small circle, to be different than my own previous experiences. To be relatable and for you all to know with me it’s the real deal.

+ To lead the team I’ve been blessed with, with passion and drive. Warmth and encouragement. Challenge and heart. Using the gifts God has given me to provide a unique experience like no other.

+ And most importantly: to find that sweet spot, the balance, between doing something FOR my family and still being PRESENT with my family. This is a challenge I face constantly, but something I pride myself on continually keeping in check.

So, today I was here, present. Working on some house projects, watching a movie with the family, having a conversation - eye contact. Just, being. Which means I didn’t open my computer. Which means, I did my job, that tricky job of balance and man, I am thankful for a way to provide for the family while being WITH the family.