The Soundtrack of Motherhood

the motherhood soundtrack // angie warren

Baths are her beloved, and during the day when her brothers are at school, I get to pretend it's just us.

Like it was with my first born so many years ago, two people - one mama, one child, going about our days in a slow, romantic sort of dance.

Snack time, laundry, the music of her favorite movie, all play the soundtrack of our day. The water splashes over the side of the tub and she giggles, adding another track.

Soon the house will be filled with noise, the sounds of boys, bickering, stomping, laughing and yelling. Soon, our dance ends, for the day.

I return to the role of mama to all, she returns to the role of little sister.

Right before pick-up though, in the car, our soundtrack changing, something akin to the wind in the windows and the hum of the engine, I look in the mirror.

We lock eyes, smiling big the both of us, and she says, "Spending the day with you is my best, mom.".

I nod, "Me too, Quinny. Me too.".