Made of Magic

Angie Warren

"I feel like my bed is made of magic." she said, her face beaming, as I tucked her in. "That's because it is." I whispered.

We put up our tree tonight, which meant of course, we got to bring out her 'collection' (too many snowmen to count, the majority she's inherited from my mama's own collection). New to the display this year were these snowman lights, and as I wound them around her bed, I felt a bit of that magic touch the tips of my own fingers.

I thought of sugar plums and fairies and the best bits of childhood she gets to experience. And it all made me smile. The choice to say no to things in recent months, allowed me to say yes, to this. To witnessing the magic of a string of $3 lights, of the joy in a four year olds heart, and what I pray are the very best chapters of her story. Yes to slow, yes to family, yes to less.