Why Am I Not Shooting?

angie warren // documentary photography

I've been asked quite a bit why I'm not shooting anymore, in business. It's a big question with a lot of answers. I think ultimately it boils down to this: the images I would want to make for people aren't the ones I used to make.

Though I have a fierce love for beautiful fields and well posed families, (so many of my talented friends rock at those), they don't stir my heart as an artist.

These do. Dirty hands, chicklet teeth, messy yards. Kids. Being real. Being crazy. Being in love with life. Don't get me started on grain. I have a hard love affair with it. I've always been pulled to these portraits - for as long as I can remember.

And I simply don't know if I'm the only one anymore. I just don't know that others hearts stir the same as mine does. So. That's the long and short of that answer.

I am happy, more than happy, to shoot them. My three. I document their lives. And because they're awesome, they allow me to. I think they're so used to seeing me with a big ole camera in front of my face. I am forever thankful for the gift in allowing me to make their portraits.

Like I've said in the past: if they're my only subjects, from here until my last breath, I count myself the luckiest artist ever there was.