Wild Explorers Club

One of the first things we fell in love with when beginning to look into homeschool, was the Wild Explorers Club. (I shared a link to it in a recent post about some of our favorite things, find that here.)

Hiking and exploring are things we love to do, we're not pros, and just go locally, but being outside and collecting bits of nature, is a fave past time of ours. The promo video for WEC, posts friends have shared, and their Instagram account - they're just about enough inspiration to make you want to immediately sign up.

I was pretty stoked to see the entire family could join in for just $14/month, we just print x3 of everything, and eventually as we earn patches, we'll just get enough for everyone. The "program" is meant to last nearly two years, working your way through various prompts and projects to earn a variety of animal badges.

We surprised the kids last week with their membership and some awesome hiking packs I got on a steal from Amazon. They were SO pumped to head out to one of our favorite local spots to hike and quickly filled them with a few things we had around the house.

I made up some quick binder covers (see above) and put the first assignment (Wolf) in them. Just today we received # 2 of the 4 Wolf assignments and I'm excited to show the kids this afternoon!

I think this will be one of our favorite pieces of the home educating puzzle. After all, we're a school of explorers.