You Need to Know That Friendship Sees No Color

Friendship Sees No Color // An Essay on Motherhood and Friendship // Angie Warren

They met at the park around the corner, the air cool with February chill. One held a pink frisbee, the other a stuffed pig. “Mom, can I go and be her friend?" she asked.

I smiled and told her that yes, of course, she could, and returned to the book I was reading. Before long I realized the family at the park that day, spoke little to no English. This didn't stop my girl, though.

Because friendship needs no language.

It started out timidly, their play, as it sometimes does, but before long, both girls were laughing. The pink frisbee whirled, the stuffed pig danced, the world was right at that playground in the 'burbs.

As you know, friendship sees no color.

Hours passed, and the girls in pink, who held treasures of their own, found a common ground. They found joy. They found grace. They found a sweet and soulful song, despite the silence in their words.

You see, friendship has no barrier. 

I was gripped by this exchange, and for days it sat deep within my heart. Two girls, aged five respectively, of different origins, found a lovely enjoyment in one another. They didn’t speak of their native tongue or the place from which they were born. They didn’t speak much, at all.

They didn’t have to because friendship needs no explanation.

May I take a lesson from these small girls. May their delight inspire each of us, to reach out a hand in friendship. May we remember that it matters not from where we came, the language we speak, or the color of our skin. May we instead, offer a smile, a stuffed pig, or a pink frisbee.

Because friendship requires very little as it turns out, something I now know, thanks to a February day, at a park around the corner.