Hello there!

I'm so glad you've contact me. Writing & creating, they're in my bones. It is such a part of me, I often find myself putting words to every day occurrences. Helping small businesses, bloggers, and creatives bring their vision to life through copywork (and the occasional design) is one of my favorite things to do.

You may view my complete PRESS LIST as well as some of my past clientele below:

Simple Design, blog
Simple Mom, blog
Tristian Skidmore, Gracylu Originals
Amy Boring, Photographer
The Creative Mama, Blog
Tiny Sparrow Foundation, Organization
Rachel Vanoven, Photographer
Lidia Grigorean, Photographer
Liz Cook, Photographer
Paper Coterie, Blog
The Frugal Find, Blog
The Brayton Project, Organization
Glob Paints, Blog + Art & Craft Products
Cornerstone Christian School, School
and more…


My freelance work is done on an hourly basis. You can expect to invest $50/hour, and I do require a minimum of two hours of work per project. Should you want to move forward, I will invoice you for the first hour, your balance will be due when the project is complete. I accept all credit cards, as well as Paypal, and the Cash App.

How does it work?

First I'll ask you to fill out a questionnaire (below). I want to know all there is about you, your business, and any copywork needs you may have! Then we will connect to discuss whether or not I am a good fit for you. If we are a go, I'll invoice you, send over a little contract, and begin work!

Turnaround time is dependent upon on the project.

I send all files via Dropbox for you to archive and reference.

Sound good?

If you'd like to move forward, I would invite you to fill out a brief Q&A below! I'll be in touch!


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