Do you have a "fancy camera" but are clueless as to how to use it? Maybe you'd like to get better photos of your children. Perhaps you are interested in understanding what all those buttons on your camera do, or what lens to purchase next and why. Have Camera Will Shoot is a beginner course made for an online experience.

Sound good? Ready?

When: Monday January 5 - Saturday January 31, 2015

Where: Online! (details to follow upon registration)

What to expect: The class will run for four weeks, during which you will have access to a private Have Camera Will Shoot space where you will be able to have interaction with others learning right along side you. Each batch of lessons will be ready bright and early Monday morning. No matter where you are in the world, or what your schedule is, you can access the PDF lessons (and videos) when it is convenient for you. I will be in the classroom daily answering questions and offering advice.

There will be assigned shooting projects along with your lessons, you can submit your assignments if desired (not required) for private or open critique from me, throughout the week and it will be given each weekend prior to the next lesson.

Here is what we will cover:

  • Week one: Cameras, memory cards, & lenses - oh my. Pixels + resolution, death by cropping, and JPEG vs RAW. Lots. Of. Technical.
  • Week two: Exposure! ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed (aka: getting OFF of AUTO!) Also, how your light meter can help you.
  • Week three: Natural light and white balance. How to find good light, use it, and looooove it.
  • Week four: Composition and perspective - making a snapshot a photograph!

What to have:

  • Yourself!
  • Excited spirit!
  • And of course, a camera, a DSLR to be exact.  Suggestion: If you really want to get amazing portraits, I would invest in and bring a prime lens. Don't know what that means? Shoot me a message and I'll give you more info [and a great place to get an amazing price on one!] You'll never regret that purchase. Like, ever.
  • Fully charged battery + empty memory card(s).

What will you get:

  • Four weeks of packed full lessons.
  • Guidance from me throughout the workshop.
  • A promise that you will be shooting and understanding how to get off of AUTO mode!
  • The community of other learners just as eager as you are.
  • The final week, you'll receive a cheat-sheet PDF you can keep on your tablet or smart phone for easy reference when on-the-go shooting!

How to enroll: Click that big ole button below to pay your registration fee ($60), you'll be invoiced for the balance ($60) one week prior to your class date. You'll receive a personal welcome email from me with more information and a Q&A!