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Do you feel like you have this making a good photo thing down, but struggle with the subject(s)? You understand your camera, light, and all that, but when it comes to posing (or rather wanting to unpose) you feel stuck?

Have Skills Will Pose is a one-day workshop geared towards showing you how I like to shoot - from my photo-journalistic approach inside, to clients in a dreamy sun-drenched field.

Please note: this class does not teach the technical side of photography, please be familiar with your camera + shooting in manual mode prior to this workshop.

We will have six hours of time together. Exact time is TBD based upon weather and the sun. Please be aware: this workshop is weather permitting, however if the day is wet, but not actually raining/ if it is an overcast day, the class will still go on as planned. Please be aware of this before booking your seat.

Here is what we will cover:

  • A photo-journalistic approach to shooting both indoors and out using only natural light.
  • A family-like session held outdoors, near sunset.
  • We will discuss camera settings used and why, how to best take advantage of light (inside and out), and a variety of ways to interact with your subject, making them feel as comfortable as possible.

What to bring:

  • Yourself!
  • Lots of smiles!
  • Your DSLR + lens(es)
  • Fully charged battery + empty memory card(s).

What will you get:

  • Lots of knowledge!
  • Lunch, yum.
  • Loads of new images that can be used in a portfolio.

Investment: $350

Do you have a small group of interested friends?

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