Thanks for your willingness to help. I am working on a brand new Marketing Guide for bossbabes in direct sales businesses. I'd like to make a variety of them to offer a variety of businesses, but could use some help with the details of your company.

I am an Associate Market Mentor with Monat, and am well versed in the terms, glossary, and compensation plan. I am not at all well versed with the details of other direct sales businesses.

This is where you come in - and for your help, I'll be glad to send you a copy of the Guide, for free, as a thanks when it is ready.

Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch, assumably with a few additional questions.

Thanks again!

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ie: Monat has Market Partners (consultants), VIP customers (commit to 3 flex-ships), and retail customers.
ie: Monat has PV (personal volume), GV (group volume), and DV (downline volume).
For your SPECIFIC company, is there anything that would help you as far as a Marketing Guide / Planner? Any additional info/pages you'd love to see, anything you could share that would be helpful?