Angie warren

Hello, here’s a bit about me.

  • love Jesus

  • married to my high school sweetheart, Justin

  • mama to three, my muses, my loves

  • enneagram 4w5, INFP + HSP

  • dream of holding my published book in my hands

  • love all things cozy - blankets, sweaters, cuddles

  • coffee - always coffee, a good book (historical fiction yes), and great music top it off

  • grief + loss are huge parts of my life and I write on this often

  • mental health advocate, passionate about changing the stigma of addiction

  • consider myself a half-hearted hippy, holistic wellness is my jam, oil obsessed

  • live in the ‘burbs but ache to reside in the mountains

  • constantly searching for gratitude, discovering joy, thriving

  • photography was a past profession, now it is how I document our days

  • always searching for beauty and thankfully, always finding it

I’m so very glad you’re here. xo

ps read more about my wellness story, here.


angie warren BIO

Angie Warren is an artist, writer, and freelance designer who lives in Northern California. In addition to writing, she enjoys creating designs for her Etsy Shop.

Her work has been published in a variety of outlets including Scary Mommy, Simple as That, The Art of Simple, Kidspot, and Mamalode - as well as Artful Blogging and Elevate the Everyday.

You can find Angie sharing over on Instagram, as well as daily reflections on her Facebook page.