mentoring with angie warren
mentoring with angie warren
mentoring with angie warren

Are you looking for some one on one time? Perhaps you're a creative soul looking to fine tune your photography skills - such as a small business owner or blogger who'd like to have beautiful images of your brand. I'd love to help! I'm passionate about getting everyone to a place where they know their camera inside and out, and even then, are able to push themselves to craft amazing art.

It’s my opinion that an important part of your online presence is a good promo image or two. One of my favorite parts of in person mentoring is taking 30 minutes or so to do this! You’ll receive 10 images digitally a few weeks after our time together with permission to use them in your online portfolio.

If this sounds like a fit for you, please scroll down to see a few options for working together!

HOURLY / ONLINE mentoring

I am is available for hourly consults (in person, via phone, or online chat) for $100/hr (minimum 2 hr)

IN PERSON mentoring

all the DETAILS

Your mentoring is completely custom to what suits YOU best. I’ll ask you to fill out a detailed form before our time together so that I’m certain to understand where you are at in your photography & what you hope to get from our session. Then I will send you an itinerary to be best prepared.

I’m an open book, and hold nothing back.  I greatly respect your time and investment, & my wish is that you walk away 110% happy. I would urge you to ask any and all questions as you decide which avenue is best for you! Please note that due to scheduling & preparation, your payment is non refundable, however we can reschedule should our chosen time not work well.

To schedule mentoring please connect with me! I look forward to hearing from you.

One day (8 hr) in the Bay Area, one on one $700
One day (8hr) travel mentoring, one on one $2000
* discount given if you bring a friend! Limit three people.

- Customized day together based on exactly what you'd like to learn (see below).
- Mini promo shoot with me + 10 digital images for your own personal use.
- Lunch!

Some examples of past mentorships and what we covered:

  • get to know your camera, shoot in manual mode, and take amazing pictures in your own home (or backyard).
  • topic(s) of your choosing with our computers (ie: post-processing, blogging, graphic design, social networking, marketing, image critique, etc)
  • mobile photography
  • photojournalism
  • shoot together

What former mentees had to say

mentoring with angie warren

"Thank you so much for taking the time to fly all the way over to Hawaii to spend the weekend with us. I am amazed not only by your knowledge when it comes to photography, but those tech savvy skills - oh my goodness you're amazing! As you were sharing with us, I found myself wanting to capture every little detail. I think I may have asked you to repeat a few things once or twice (wink, wink). I love that you're a natural born teacher, our weekend together was invaluable and for that I thank you. Here's to you and a great experience. Thank you for being someone I now call friend."

- Malia Cano
Oahu, Hawaii


"I don't think there is any way for me to say just how thankful I am you flew all the way out here to give the pair of us the one on two attention that you did. You gave us the knowledge we needed to grow our businesses without losing site of the little things. What started off as a simple blog hop, developed into an invaluable friendship with you, I added you to my bookmark to check back on often.  When I discovered your online mentoring, I was so excited! A simple e-versation that began with, 'I'm from Hawai'i...' landed you on a plane flying across the Pacific! Our time together was absolutely well spent. You came with a passion for photography and blogging, and a yearning to teach. The wisdom I've gained from you in the short two days together, is simply priceless. Nowadays, I find myself creating and blogging things and saying to myself, 'Angie taught me that!'. So from the bottom of my heart, I'd like to say Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much)!

- Kristy Copperfield
Makawao, Hawaii

mentoring with angie warren

"I came across your work on the internet and was an admirer of your work from afar. Following your blog and keeping up with you like a shy friend during that time. When I saw that you were offering mentoring, I instinctively felt that you would be able to help me in my own path in photography. I had no qualms booking an international flight and flying across a few time zones to get to you! You were so enthusiastic and inspiring right from the start and tailored the two days of mentoring to exactly what I wanted. More importantly you made me believe I can achieve my dreams of becoming a professional photographer and I am forever grateful for that. I also feel that I have made a great friend in you, and will treasure you in this capacity for a long while to come."


"The love of photography brings people together in very interesting ways. I have followed and admired your works of art for some time now. Your images inspired me to do more and encouraged me to work outside the limits of my personal comfort zone. I wanted to take the next step in photography but I had absolutely no idea what to do or how to get there. When I discovered you had a mentoring program I was beside myself excited - I knew it would be amazing! Thank you for your never ending patience with me in my learning. Thank you for taking the time to understand my perspective and style and teaching me to fine tune my skills.  I will be forever grateful for all that you have taught me; I not only walked away with better insight into photography but I also gained a beautiful friend."

- Lisa Upton
Northern California